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I worked in the kitchen as a chef for all my life before I opened my own restaurant. Now I am still spending most of my time in the kitchen, but as a proud of owner of a very successful business. Thanks to my CPAs at National Tax and Accounting, for a very affordable monthly fee, they are acting as my business manager. From tax filings to tax savings, from business financing to licensing, lease negotiations, they took care of everything! I couldn’t have done it without National Tax and Accounting!

---Wayne, Powell

I made a bad financial decision last year, and pushed my tax bracket from 15% to 35.5%. Fortunately, my CPA at National Tax and Accounting knows a law that most people never heard of. She brought down my tax bracket to 15% and saved me $12,537! I was crying with relief and offered to pay her more than the standard fee. She refused the money and made me promise to talk with her first whenever I need to make a major financial decision.

---Blanch, Columbus

I am a successful business owner. In the past, more than half of my hard-earned money went to taxes. When my CPAs at National Tax and Accounting took over my account, they implemented some business tax saving strategies. Last year, my savings on one single tax strategy is $32,186!

---David, Dublin

I received a 9 page letter from IRS asking me to pay $7,584 additional tax on my business income! I could not figure why so I went to National Tax and Accounting. The whole thing was taken care of in few days. I did not need to deal with the IRS and I did not pay a penny!

---Kenneth, Columbus

I messed up my taxes when I was running my own business. The IRS was after me for years. By the time I decided to have a professional take care of the IRS, the money I owed was over $50,000! I knew I owed tax, but not that much. However, with no receipts, no records, I did not know what to do. Thanks to National Tax and Accounting, Now my tax liability is down to $3,985.61, much less than I anticipated!

---Chris, Columbus

I was losing sleep because of my business bookkeeping and tax issues. There are so many questions and concerns, but when I talked to my prior accountant, I just ended up more and more confused. Finally, I took my two pages of questions to National Tax and Accounting. After an one-hour conversation, all my questions were answered, and I felt all the weight was lifted, finally I was able to have a good night sleep…

---Jerry, Delaware
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